About Us

Business environment no longer needs to appear uncertain and unstable with IBRIC as your partner.

Mission Statement: To offer business intelligence solutions and services that will fulfill our ultimate obligation to our customers; to provide in-depth insight and screening of potential business partners in order to effectively minimize and manage risk.

IBRIC is an innovative provider of business intelligence, catering for your investigation needs throughout the world. With numerous partner alliances in many countries we can offer insight and proactive risk assessment on businesses, companies and individuals worldwide and help you make the right decisions with competence and guaranteed confidentiality.

IBRIC will evaluate the risk in embarking on any kind of partnership or embracing commercial opportunities with third parties, especially when hiring employees, contemplating business partnerships, choosing insurance services, end users and consumers.

We aim to respond effectively to the needs of today’s business world by offering accurate information;

Ensure we deliver our services on time and meet predefined deadlines; Promise an immediate response to requests for help and support; Make certain we are flexible and able to provide tailor-made products, based on your demands and needs and succeed in being a healthy, thriving company and your entrusted professional partner.


Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Cyprus, Romania, Spain, Netherlands, Ukraine.